Kidney Transplant

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The Christ Hospital is the #1 hospital in the region

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Recognized Nationally as a Transplant Center of Excellence and Regionally as Top in Nephrology

The Christ Hospital Health Network​ is home to one of the most successful kidney
transplant and tissue transplant programs in the country. The Christ Hospital began doing transplants in 1972, and has completed a total of over 2,100 successful kidney transplants.


Our transplant surgeons and multidisciplinary team of specialists are involved every step of the way, guiding you on what to expect and how to achieve the best outcome.


Learn more about our transplant program by calling our Kidney Transplant Administrative Coordinator at 513-585-2493 or 513-585-0449.

Video: Learn about our transplant program, the waitlist process, the living donor process, and more!

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Average Wait List Time

The Christ Hospital's average waiting time for a deceased donor transplant is 12.4 months as of 7/6/21. 

The national average is 40 months, also as of 7/6/21. 

The Christ Hospital has been doing transplants for over 45 years, with the first kidney transplant being done in 1972.