​Ear, Nose and Throat treatments

Our board-certified ENT specialists provide screenings, diagnostic surgical and non-surgical treatments for a wide range of conditions affecting your ears, nose or throat, including:


Evaluation of head and neck problems typically begins with a thorough history and physical exam.

Other diagnostic tools include:

  • Endoscopic exam

  • Advanced imaging like CT scan or MRI

  • Ultrasound 

Sinus and allergies

Our specialists create a treatment plan based on your specific allergens. We use a blend of medication, desensitization and allergen avoidance to bring you life-changing results.

We use advanced surgical techniques to treat your chronic or recurrent sinusitis and remove the bone and tissue that are blocking your sinus passageways and making it difficult to breathe.


Medication can be a very effective method to manage your allergies. Our doctors use oral antihistamines, nasal steroids and topical antihistamines to alleviate your symptoms and keep your allergies under control. 

Allergy shots and oral drops

Traditional allergy shot therapy helps your immune system adapt and tolerate exposure to environmental allergies (desensitization). Each injection is mixed according to specifications that address your unique needs.

Oral drops that are placed under your tongue may be used to replace allergy shots in some cases. As with allergy shots, the drops you use are specific to the substances that cause an allergic reaction. 

Allergy avoidance

Avoiding contact with the substances you’re allergic to can be one of the most effective forms of allergy management. This is especially important with food allergies, which may cause swelling of your face, tongue or throat and obstruct your breathing.

Balloon sinuplasty

We use minimally-invasive balloon sinuplasty to treat your chronic or recurrent sinusitis. With this advanced surgical approach, a medical balloon is placed in your sinus passageways to help them dilate and drain. With this treatment, you can typically return to your normal activities within 48 hours.

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Balance disorders

We offer a wide range of treatments designed to bring balance back into your life, including:

  • Epley maneuver—a series of movements that shift particles inside your ear into their proper position

  • Vestibular therapy—physical therapy that uses specialized exercises to improve balance and reduce dizziness 

  • Surgery—advanced procedures to treat conditions like Ménière’s disease

Ear conditions

Medical management is typically the first line of defense when treating nearly all ear conditions. When infection, damage to the ear or eardrum or structural issues cannot be effectively alleviated with medication, other treatments may be necessary. Our board-certified otolaryngologists have decades of experience in the full spectrum of ear and mastoid surgeries for children and adults.

Ear tubes

  • Children who need ear tubes are placed under general anesthesia at the hospital or surgery center to allow safe and comfortable placement.

  • Adults who require ear tubes can have them placed using topical anesthesia that allows pain-free placement without sedation or recovery time.

Ear surgery

Surgery is often required to repair damage that occurs due to infection or trauma to the ear.

We offer:

  • Hearing bone replacement 

  • Mastoid surgery for chronic infection

  • Mastoid skin cyst treatment

  • Cochlear implants

Facial reconstruction

Our board-certified otolaryngologists are skilled at repairing structural abnormalities in the face, head or neck. We use advanced surgical techniques to repair, restore or improve your appearance, structure and function.

Treatments include:

  • Reconstruction of your facial skeleton, skull or jawbone

  • Microvascular surgery to transfer tissue and bone from one area of your body to another during reconstruction

  • Muscle repair

Head and neck cancer

The ear, nose and throat specialists at The Christ Hospital Health Network use a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach that ensures all aspects of your health are taken into account when developing your treatment plan. 


We offer:

  • Direct biopsy of lesions on the surface of your skin or mouth

  • Needle biopsy for a node or deeper mass

  • Biopsy with endoscopy performed under general anesthesia

Our experts create a personalized treatment plan once your cancer is identified and staged.

Surgical management

Our ENT surgeons work as a team with the other specialists and coordinate all aspects of your care including surgical management, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Our goal is treatment that provides the best possible outcome both physically and cosmetically.

Long-term monitoring

Your care doesn’t stop when your cancer therapy is completed. We continue long-term monitoring that starts out with frequent visits and tapers off as the number of years you remain cancer-free grows.

Snoring and sleep apnea

If snoring and sleep apnea are interrupting your sleep on a nightly basis, the specialists at The Christ Hospital Health Network will develop a personalized treatment plan so you can get the rest you need.

Treatments include:

  • Nose surgery—repairs and removes nasal obstructions like polyps or deviated septum

  • Upper throat surgery—used to repair and stabilize narrowed or collapsed airways in your soft palate, tonsils and uvula

  • Lower throat surgery—reduce, stabilize or move your tongue base to reduce the obstruction its causing

  • Inspire —alternative to a CPAP machine that involves implantation of a pacemaker-type device under the skin of your collar bone. It provides mild upper airway stimulation to improve breathing and sleep

Thyroid and parathyroid

Our surgeons provide world-class care for tumors or masses in your thyroid and parathyroid glands. Our specialist perform the most thyroid and parathyroid surgery in the region.

We offer:

  • Biopsy—a sample of tissue that’s taken to determine if surgery is necessary

  • Thyroid surgery—surgical removal of your thyroid gland

  • Parathyroid surgery—surgical removal of one or more of the four parathyroid glands

Tonsils and adenoids

When frequent or persistent infection and swelling of your tonsils or adenoids affects your ability to breathe and swallow, our board-certified ENT specialists.

We offer:

  • Tonsillectomy—surgical removal of your tonsils

  • Adenoidectomy—surgical removal of your adenoids

These procedures are more common in children and teens, but they may also be recommended for adults in some cases. They are usually performed on an outpatient basis, but may require an overnight stay if your age or medical history indicate it’s necessary.