Application, Compensation and Benefits

The Christ Hospital has trained hundreds of excellent physicians. You’ll find our graduates practicing in Greater Cincinnati and nationwide, always upholding our core values of excellence, compassion, efficiency, leadership and safety.

The mission of The Christ Hospital Internal Medicine Residency is to:

  • Train skilled, compassionate, well-rounded internal medicine physicians to practice in current and future medical environments.

  • Promote successful careers by identifying and cultivating each individual's medical interests and talents.

  • Build teamwork, leadership and intellectual curiosity.

  • Encourage balance between professional responsibilities and personal lives.

If you’re ready to pursue the opportunities available through the Christ Hospital Internal Medicine Residency, learn more about the application process and the compensation and benefits offered to our residents. 

Applications and Interviews

  • Christ Hospital is a nicotine-free employer.  The Christ Hospital Internal Medicine Residency is governed by this policy.

  • We recruit 10 preliminary and 9 categorical interns each year

  • All applicants must participate in the Electronic Residency Application Services (ERAS). 

  • We require an application, a personal statement, medical school transcripts, a medical school MSPE, three letters of recommendation, and USMLE or COMLEX scores.  These must be submitted through ERAS.  No paper applications or documents outside of ERAS are accepted.

  • Candidates are selected through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP)

  • Applications are reviewed once information is released to the program by ERAS.  

  • We schedule interviews through ERAS, and conduct them from November thru January. 

  • Learn more about our interviews with our Interview Information Flyer.

After Your Interview

During the interview season there are two virtual open house to help answer any question you may have after your visit. These sessions are completely voluntary and will not affect whether you are ranked or your rank position. There is nothing you can do to improve your application, nor can we give you an assessment of your application and interview.

Benefits and Compensation

Internal Medicine residents receive compensation and a comprehensive benefits plan.​ 

2023-2024 Compensation

  • First-year resident: $60,164

  • Second-year resident: $62,387

  • Third-year resident: $64,392

2023-2024 Benefits

  • Medical insurance: Premium is paid for the resident. Family coverage is available.

  • Life insurance: Paid at a rate of two times annual base salary with the option to purchase supplemental insurance (dependent life, accidental death and dismemberment, LT disability, personal CA protection, critical illness insurance, personal accident, LT care plan).

  • Dental insurance: Coverage available at a premium for the individual or for family. We offer Dental Care-Plus, which includes vision services.

  • Professional liability insurance: Provided to the resident for activities within the scope of the assigned program, occurrence type.

  • Retirement: Each resident participates in Social Security. A resident may voluntarily contribute pretax dollars to a 403(b).

  • Paid time off: 25 days per year

  • Maternity leave: Complies with provisions of the Family Medical Leave Act.

Benefits specific to residents​

  • Specialty board and licensure examination leave: Time is permitted for first-time sitting for ABMS or USMLE licensing exams with proper notice to program. Provides that resident is not on call the evening before his/her exam.

  • Educational stipend: R-1s get $500, R-2s get $1,000, and R-3s get $2,000 to purchase subscriptions to journals or other medical periodicals, medical texts or medical software. You can also use the stipend to attend approved CME conferences.

  • Lab coats: Residents get 2 white coats and 1 fleece during PGY 1; 2 new coats of choice in PGY 2 and 3 (fleece or white) .

  • Free parking: Available in a covered garage.

GME Resources

Download this handy guide with information and helpful phone numbers for wellness resources, learning environment and mental health.