Internal Medicine Residency Scholarly Activities

Becoming the Next Generation of Internal Medicine Physicians

As an Internal Medicine resident at The Christ Hospital, you will join the next generation of physician who not only provide patient care but also develop new treatments and therapies through clinical research and other scholarly activities. 

Each internal medicine resident will participate in scholarly activity to meet residency training requirements, choosing from a wide range of opportunities. 

Why Scholarly Activities Are Important

Scholarly activities help prepare you for a successful career, whether in pursuit of fellowship, primary care, or hospitalist roles. They enhance your knowledge and understanding as well as instill confidence in your clinical specialty and research methodology. This includes research design, implementation and interpretation, and presentation of results. 

Our residents have successfully published research in peer-reviewed journals and have presented at national and international conferences for a range of specialties.  See the full list of projects and presentations. 

Scholarly Activities Opportunities

You will participate in various scholarly activities including:

1. Project Abstracts

An abstract such as clinical vignettes, quality improvement projects or case reports can be submitted to a regional or national conference such as American College of Physicians.

2. ACP Conference

Our residents’ abstracts have a high success rate of acceptance. Second-year residents traditionally attend the American College of Physicians Ohio chapter’s conference in the fall. . First-year residents are encouraged to find an interesting case to submit by the end of the first academic year.

3. Journal Club 

All second- and third-year residents review and present a paper relevant to their specialty of interest to foster a better understanding of the biostatistics, strengths and weaknesses of research.

4. Morning Report

Monday through Friday, all residents on internal medicine team rotations attend morning reports. Monday and Wednesday mornings include a presentation by either overnight or daytime resident teams. Friday mornings is the cardiology conference. Cardiologists and residents on cardiology rotations present relevant cardiology cases. 

5. Grand Rounds

One Thursday morning every month, all residents on all rotations participate in grand rounds. One or two second-year residents present an interesting case focusing on the differential diagnosis and evidence-based management.

6. Academic Half Day

Residents participate in formal academic lectures by core faculty at The Christ Hospital. The series encompasses 48 weeks of academic curriculum in every area of internal medicine specialty.

Additional Scholarly Activity Opportunities 

You’ll find more opportunities for multidisciplinary research, including active clinical trials, with our research partners: 

Studies Published by Internal Medicine Residents

We encourage and support additional scholarly activities. Our residents have successfully been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at both national & international conferences across a spectrum of specialties.