Colon and rectal surgery at The Christ Hospital 

The general surgeons and colon/rectal surgeons at The Christ Hospital offer comprehensive, innovative care for disorders of the colon, rectum, anal canal, intestinal tract and perianal area. They work hand-in-hand with a team of experts including urologists, gastroenterologists, oncologists and other specialists to ensure the best possible outcome. 

Our multidisciplinary team understands the far-reaching impact digestive disorders have on your daily routine and the disruption they can cause. We work together to address each of your health challenges. This holistic, collaborative approach ensures you receive superior care that is tailored to your individual needs. 

Our general surgeons and colon/ rectal surgeons use the most advanced technology—laparoscopic & robotic-assisted techniques to allow for minimally invasive procedure options—to diagnose and treat a wide range of disorders using the least invasive procedure possible. Minimally invasive procedures can mean a faster recovery, fewer days in the hospital and a greater chance to return to normal function.

Trust our team of specialists to help you get your life back.

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Colon and rectal conditions we treat

We treat a wide range of digestive disorders affecting the colon, rectum and anus including:

  • Abscesses—an area filled with pus, which consists of white blood cells, dead tissue and infection.

  • Anal fissures—a rip or tear in the lining of your lower rectum (the anus).

  • Anal fistula—a small tunnel that occurs after an abscess that runs from the end of your bowel to the skin near your anus. 

  • Colorectal cancer—cancer that occurs when tumors grow in the lining of your large intestine affecting your colon and/or rectum.

  • Constipation—a condition that causes you to have three or less bowel movements during a week’s time.

  • Crohn’s disease—inflammation of your digestive system that causes loss of appetite, persistent diarrhea, pain and weight loss.

  • Diverticulitis—pouches that protrude into your lower intestine or large intestine and cause bloating, constipation, pain and other symptoms.

  • Hemorrhoids—inflamed, swollen veins located in your anus or lower rectum

  • Polyps—growths on the lining of your rectum or colon.

  • Rectal bleeding—bleeding that stems from your lower gastrointestinal tract, including your esophagus, small intestine and stomach.

  • Rectal prolapse—occurs when some or all of your rectum protrudes through your anal opening.

  • Ulcerative colitis—a chronic, inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of your large intestine.

Colon and rectal surgeries we offer

The general surgeons and colon/rectal surgeons at The Christ Hospital specialize in advanced techniques to bring you patient-centered care with exceptional outcomes. 

We feature sphincter sparing rectal surgery that leaves your sphincter muscle intact. This greatly improves your quality of life following surgery because it lets you continue to have bowel movements without the use of a colostomy bag.

Several procedures use robotic-assisted surgical techniques that provide greater control and precision for your surgeon and a faster recovery with less pain and scarring for you. 

We offer:

  • Abdominoperineal resection (APR)—surgical removal of your rectum, anus and portions of your large intestine.

  • Colectomy—surgical removal of damaged or diseased portions of your large intestine

  • Endoscopic procedures—use a tiny camera attached to a long, thin tube to see inside your body and perform procedures without making a large opening.  

  • Fistula treatment—repair of a tear or hole that’s located near your anus.

  • Hemorrhoid treatment—treatment for swollen, painful veins located in your rectum or anus.

  • J-pouch surgery—treatment for ulcerative colitis in which your large intestine and rectum are removed, and a J-shaped bowel is created for passing stool.

  • Ostomy surgery—creating an opening through which stool or urine is funneled to a pouch located outside your body for removal.

  • Perianal abscess treatment—a procedure that drains pus that has collected around your anus.

  • Transanal endoscopic microsurgery (TEM)—a procedure that uses specialized tools to perform surgery that does not require incisions in your anus or abdomen.

Why choose The Christ Hospital Health Network? 

We take pride in providing superior colon and rectal surgical care to the Greater Cincinnati area. With The Christ Hospital Health Network you can be confident you’re receiving the best care available in the region.

We offer:

  • Advanced endoscopic techniques that use leading-edge technology to diagnose and treat certain conditions without the need for incisions, resulting in shorter recovery times with minimal pain.

  • Multidisciplinary care with other specialists, like those who treat female reproductive disorders as part of our Pelvic Floor Center.

  • Collaborative and compassionate colorectal cancer services that bring you advanced care close to home.

  • Partnership with the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program that focuses on improving the quality of surgical care to make it safer and more effective for you.