Employees at pride parade with text "In our workforce"

​​Equity and Inclusion in Our Workforce

Each of us brings a unique cultural perspective and energy to the world, and we celebrate our differences at The Christ Hospital Health Network. Inclusiveness to all races, genders, ideals and religions is in the fabric of who we are and has been for a long time.

We tirelessly work to increase our cultural understanding to better serve the diverse needs of our patients and team members. Doing so has created a safe place where you can feel confident in being your true, authentic and whole self. We achieve this through a variety of team member programs, corporate initiatives and training.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council was created to carry on the legacy of compassion and inclusion that our hospital was founded on more than 130 years ago. It's perfect for team members who want to learn about our differences and strengthen our collective understanding and compassion for one another.

The council is made up of team members who educate, advocate and foster an environment of understanding, respect and civility among all team members. They partner with many departments, including human resources, marketing and others to support this mission.

NEST: Nourishing Employees Strengths and Talents

The Christ Hospital established the NEST program to help entry-level employees who face complex barriers to sustainable employment, such as childcare, transportation, and food insecurity. The program gives qualifying employees the opportunity to explore pathways that will allow them to grow their careers. Partners including Cincinnati Works, Metro, and St. Francis Seraph assist with supportive services, including skills training, career and life coaching, and addressing immediate needs.

The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Many of our nurses, clinical and professional staff got their start at The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences, located on our main campus in Mt. Auburn. Students have the opportunity to study and train alongside our clinicians in real-world hospital settings. The Christ College, like the The Christ Hospital, is increasing its efforts to attract diverse talent into healthcare careers. Click here to learn about diversity and inclusion at The Christ College.

Family Medicine Residency

The Christ Hospital / University of Cincinnati Family Medicine Residency is training tomorrow's physicians with a focus on health disparities and diversity, equity and inclusion. They receive extensive training in cultural competency, racial dynamics in Greater Cincinnati, and social determinants of health. The program is actively expanding its curriculum on antiracism and its work in underserved communities both locally and globally. 

Young Professionals Group

The Young Professionals Group is for team members early in their career who are interested in professional development, networking and service opportunities.

The group's purpose is to create culturally competent young professionals, assist in advancement and improve connections within the community. Whether it's through insightful Lunch and Learn Activities, happy hours to network with our Executive Team, or community awareness walks, members enjoy lasting friendships and opportunities for growth.