Impact of Your Donation

Thank you for making a difference

Whether your personal goal is to help fund clinical research, improve the health and well-being of patients, or increase access to care for families who might otherwise go without it, your donation will have impact.


Donations to The Christ Hospital Cancer Program support:           

  • Research to advance the knowledge that leads to life-saving discoveries and patient care improvements.

  • Emerging Technology to detect cancer sooner and more accurately, as well as treat cancer more effectively.

  • Endowments to help recruit new accomplished physicians as well as retain the most talented physicians already working to advancing cancer care at The Christ Hospital. 

  • Patients in Need to help patients who cannot afford out-of-pocket expenses associated with quality cancer care, including nutritional supplements, medications, and transportation vouchers. 

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Heart and Vascular

Donations to The Christ Hospital Heart and Vascular Program help ensure access to the very best heart care, right here at home, supporting:           

  • Endowments to help recruit and retain accomplished physicians to advance heart care at the hospital. 

  • Emerging technology to ensure the most current and effective tools to prevent, diagnose, treat, and manage patients with heart disease. 

  • Research to pursue promising innovations and life-saving discoveries in heart care.

  • Patients in need  to provide help for those who cannot afford out-of-pocket expenses, allowing them to focus on their health and healing. 

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Joint & Spine

Donations to The Christ Hospital Joint & Spine Program support patient education, clinical research, physician and nurse education, leading-edge equipment, music and healing programs and more, ensuring exceptional patient experiences— from diagnosis to recovery.

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The Christ College of Nursing & Health Sciences

Donations to The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences support scholarships to current and prospective nursing students, enabling the College to recruit and retain students of exceptional ability in order to advance clinical excellence in the Greater Cincinnati community.  Scholarship support makes educational goals affordable and accessible for tomorrow's healthcare leaders. Find out more about the variety of scholarships funds which support our students.   

Or learn more about what The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences has to offer!  

Women's Health

Donations to The Christ Hospital Women's Health Program support research, wellness, and patients in need.    

Donations can also be made through our Mobile Giving Program to support mothers and babies in The Christ Hospital Birthing Center. With the simple touch of a button on your cell phone:    

  • You can give a crib to a mother in need so that her baby has a safe place to sleep. 

  • You can give her a breast pump so that she can feed her baby breast milk at home. 

  • You can help her access crucial postpartum care by giving her transportation to and from her appointment.

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