​Women’s health—decade by decade

As a woman, it's important to make your health and wellness a priority so you can care for yourself and your family. Although your age is just a number, it can reveal a lot about you and your health. From your 20s through your 60s and beyond, preventive steps and good health decisions can have a significant impact on your life.

At The Christ Hospital Health Network, we partner with you on your journey to good health. We understand the physical and emotional differences between age 20 and 60, and appreciate the unique health concerns of women in every decade. Having an ongoing relationship with a doctor that you trust is your best defense against common conditions that come with aging. 

Comprehensive women's health expertise

Women's health is more than just care from an obstetrician or a gynecologist. To address your health concerns, we enlist the expertise of our primary care physicians, cardiologists, orthopedic surgeons and other healthcare professionals across our health network.

We provide comprehensive, compassionate care to women of all ages so you can stay healthy and active as you move from one decade to the next.

Early detection is essential for lifelong health

Your health and wellness begins with prevention. Getting the right screening at the right time is an important step in managing your overall health. In addition, a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, routine wellness visits and immunizations improve your health every step of the way.

Decade by decade, see the health screenings and tips recommended for your age. 

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Decade by Decade
"We understand that a woman’s health care needs go beyond the OB/GYN’s office. We are committed to treating the unique needs of women, decade by decade—whether you’re a teenager or a grandmother— we are here to help you along your path to wellness."
Leanne Olshavsky, MD
Associate Medical Director of Women’s Health