Supporting you through cancer treatment and beyond

"We know there’s more to treatment than the clinical care we give our patients. It’s about being there through the most vulnerable times in their lives--pushing the boundaries of what a doctor, a nurse, a hospital can do." ~ Brian Mannion, MD, Medical Director

At The Christ Hospital we are committed to helping you throughout your entire cancer journey.  We have a full suite of support services to help you through your treatment and beyond.

Comprehensive Support Services

Social Workers: Emotional and Day-to-Day Support

Our social workers are available to offer you resources to troubleshoot barriers that impact quality of life and access to cancer treatment and care. This includes emotional guidance, financial support, transportation, access to home care and equipment, negotiating life changes, work and disability related questions, advance directives and much more. For questions or more information, call our social work team at 513-585-4002 or email

Clinical and Financial Support

Nurse Navigator

We have a specialized group of nurses who are clinical experts in cancer care. They offer patients guidance and support at the time of diagnosis, through treatment and during survivorship.  

Financial Navigation 

We have a specialized team of professionals to assist in relieving your financial burden as it relates to cost of care. Team members include; pharmacy specialists, social workers, billing/coding team and financial advocates. Members of this team work together to support you. Financial advocates can review options for co-pay and treatment financial assistance programs. Social Workers can assist with understanding Medicaid and Medicare.

Clinical Trials 

You can take an active role in fighting your own cancer while at the same time help researchers and scientists develop new medications and treatments. We are recognized as a national leader in clinical research and for best practice standard in patient care.


If you experience lymphedema you can access support through the Christ Hospital Physical and Occupational Therapy services. A lymphedema certified therapist will guide patients in options for treatment. Learn more about Facts on Lymphedema

Cancer Fatigue 

Licensed physical therapists trained in cancer fatigue provide an evaluation and exercise program designed to manage persistent physical tiredness by improving your strength.

Take Care of Your Heart

At the Christ Hospital, Oncologists and Cardiologists collaborate to provide monitoring of your heart health during cancer treatment. It is important to have your heart function monitored for side effects as you receive chemotherapy.

Genetic Counseling

Some people are at greater risk for cancer due to family history of cancer.  We offer genetic testing and counseling to help inform you of your risk and determine a plan best suited for you. 

Wellness Support

Cooking for Wellness 

In partnership with Cancer Support Community, Christ Hospital offers free cooking demonstrations and educational series that inspire cancer patients and their families to learn about diet and food preparation and how it relates to their cancer diagnosis and treatment. These programs can help patients manage symptoms like loss of appetite, weight changes (loss or gain), nausea and changes in the way food tastes.

Integrative Medicine 

Integrative medicine is care for a person’s physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental health. We offer many programs including Tai Chi, yoga, hand and foot massage, music therapy and pet therapy. All of our programs are free and no registration is required. To learn more visit 

YOGA: Weekly free yoga classes (YCAT) are offered to patients and family members impacted by cancer. Additionally individual-based yoga therapy sessions are available to patients in the infusion suite of the Cancer Center. 

TAI CHI: Weekly free classes offered to patients and family members at the Cancer Center. 

Self-Empowerment Programs

Wig Salon

In partnership with American Cancer Society we run a wig salon. Offering wigs at no cost to you.

Metastatic Breast Cancer Community Support Program

The Cancer Support Community teamed up with The Christ Hospital to bring a support group to Cincinnati for women who are living with stage IV breast cancer.

Post Mastectomy Care

We teamed up with a certified post mastectomy from Personal Symmetric to provide a bra or breast prosthesis fitting consult and recommend products to help restore your body image.


Patients will receive ongoing support b​eyond the time of treatment. This may occur in the form of a formalized survivorship plan given by our Survivorship Nurse Practitioners. Additionally, we offer ongoing supportive and educational programs addressing common concerns facing patients after treatment including topics such as coping with anxiety, relationship changes, long term symptoms, managing healthy lifestyle and more. To get more information about our comprehensive Survivorship Program, please email our Survivorship Navigator at Aaron.statt​ or call 513-585-4154.

Additional Resources

We partner with other cancer agencies to offer additional information and support to help you with all aspects of your cancer journey.