​Financial services at The Christ Hospital Health Network

A cancer diagnosis comes with a great deal of anxiety, and added to that is often the worry about how you're going to pay for it. Financial distress is one of the top concerns of people living with cancer. To ensure you can access the treatment and care you need and reduce the distress caused by financial worries, we work to provide resources for financial support.

Our financial team includes social workers, financial counselors, and financial advocates. Each team member works with you to find solutions and ensure you have access to the cancer care you need. Our ultimate goal is to relieve your financial distress and help you and your family focus on your health and well-being.

Financial counselors

As part of our approach to help you with existing and future expenses, The Christ Hospital Health Network's financial counselors work with you to:

If you would like more information, call one of our financial counselors at 513-585-2302 or click here to learn how to schedule an appointment for financial counseling online.

Financial advocates

In addition to our financial counselors, many of our hematology and oncology physician offices offer the assistance of financial advocates to help you understand benefits, manage medication costs, and find financial support. Our advocates:

  • Answer your questions about bills, estimates and explanations of benefits

  • Explore medication assistance programs 

  • Apply for co-pay assistance and other funds for cancer patients 

If you would like more information on these programs, call one of our financial advocates at 513-321-4333.

Financial services presentations

The videos below are presentations from previous financial services events at The Christ Hospital. They cover a range of topics to help you understand your financial options in cancer treatment.

Learn how to apply for Medicaid, The Christ Hospital financial assistance programs and The Health Exchange with Jennifer Crowell.