​​​​​​Diagnosing Breast Conditions & Breast Cancer

Have you felt a lump or had discomfort in one of your breasts, but aren't certain what to do next? Keep in mind that breast changes are very common and most are not cancer.

It's important to be self-aware so that you can recognize changes in your breasts. Also, see your primary care doctor or gynecologist for breast screenings and to talk about when you should get mammograms and how often.

When your doctor performs a physical exam to evaluate a breast lump, he/she may decide to schedule additional diagnostic tests. At The Christ Hospital Health Network, our breast health experts perform advanced screenings and diagnostic services in a warm and comforting environment.

Advanced diagnostic tools

Finding breast disease or breast cancer early greatly improves a woman's chance for successful treatment.

Diagnostic procedures may include:

  • Digital breast tomosynthesis (3D mammogram)— The Christ Hospital provides digital 3D mammograms (tomosynthesis) to all our patients at all seven of our imaging locations throughout the Tristate. Digital 3D mammograms offer clearer pictures which makes it easier for doctors to catch breast cancer early.

  • Breast MRI—magnetic resonance imaging test

  • Breast biopsy—collection of a small tissue sample from area of concern in the breast

After your doctor has evaluated the lump, he or she may recommend additional breast imaging. Imaging analysis for a new breast lump usually includes mammography and/or ultrasound.

If a biopsy is needed, sampling procedures may consist of image-guided fine needle or core needle biopsy, as well as the possibility of surgical excision. Breast MRI is an additional sensitive imaging tool generally used for high-risk breast screenings and for pre-surgical patients.

Next steps

If you have been diagnosed with a breast condition or breast cancer, your doctor will discuss your medical and surgical treatment options.

Think you have a breast condition? Make an appointment with one of our Women’s Health experts.

To schedule your mammogram, call 513-585-2668 or schedule your screening mammogram appointment online.

Do you have more questions about your breast health but not yet ready to make an appointment with a  doctor? Contact our ezCare Concierge nurse navigator, a free, confidential service designed to help you navigate the best next steps for you and your health.