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Fortune PINC AI Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospitals

Fortune/PINC AI name Top 50 Cardiovascular Hospitals of 2024 February 15, 2024

The Christ Hospital Health Network has been named a Top 50 Cardiovascula…

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Project Heart ReStart

Project Heart Restart reconnects 2 men 20 years after tragic event

WXIX-TV February 15, 2024

Two men, bonded through tragedy, are spreading awareness about heart hea…

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Overcoming Ankle Injuries

February 13, 2024

Ankle injuries can be a real nag. Just when you think it’s healed, you roll it and feel like you’re back to square one. Q102’s Jennifer Fritsch speaks with foot & ankle orthopedic surgeon Robert Kulwin, MD, about healing your ankle properly.

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Defining Exceptional Care for more than 130 years

For more than a century, The Christ Hospital has been dedicated to providing exceptional, compassionate care to the Greater Cincinnati region. By transforming what healthcare can be, we have grown to be more than just a hospital. Today, we are an extensive network of physicians and healthcare providers, working together in neighborhoods throughout the region, so that same level of care is more accessible and convenient to all the individuals we serve.