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Roughly 1 in 8 women (12%) will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives. For some, the risk is higher. Depending on your individual risk factors, including your DNA, your risk may be as high as 85%. In addition, some genetic mutations associated with higher risk for breast cancer can also indicate an elevated risk for other types of cancer including colorectal, ovarian, and pancreatic cancer.

The High Risk Cancer Screening Clinic is a service of The Christ Hospital – Precision Health​. Our multidisciplinary team of advanced practice providers, nurse navigators, genetic counselors, and physicians can help:

  • Evaluate your risk to develop certain cancers.

  • Provide advanced screenings and imaging for certain types of cancer.

  • Provide recommendation and referrals for other individual cancer screenings based on your risk.

  • Create action plans to help reduce your cancer risk.

  • Provide counseling and navigation assistance to help you through your cancer screening process.

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Who is considered high risk for breast cancer?

You are considered high risk for breast cancer if your lifetime breast cancer risk is 20% or higher. At The Christ Hospital Health Network High Risk Cancer Screening Clinic, we will calculate your lifetime risk for developing breast cancer by looking at individual risk factors as well as family history.

Risk factors for breast cancer:

  • Family or personal history of a hereditary cancer genetic change

  • Family history of more than 1 relative with breast cancer at any age

  • Family history of any breast cancer diagnosed at age 50 or younger

  • Family history of male breast cancer

  • Biopsy with lesions or growth cells in the breast that are linked to a high risk of developing into cancer

What happens at the High Risk Cancer Screening Clinic?

A Nurse Navigator will help you through the cancer screening process, connect you with essential resources, education about health, wellness, and prevention. She can assist with referrals, follow-up care, testing and answer any questions you might have before and after scheduling. During your initial visit, you will meet with one of our advanced practice providers to discuss your personal and family medical history and, based on that history, you may opt to meeting with a genetic counselor for a dual appointment. They will advise you about:

  • Your risk of developing certain types of cancer based on your family history or a known hereditary cancer gene change if one has been identified.

  • ​Cancer screening, monitoring, and prevention options.

  • Nutrition and lifestyle counseling for risk reduction.

  • Diagnostic and treatment options.

Location and Contact Info

The Christ Hospital Main Campus
2123 Auburn Ave., Suite 723​ | Cincinnati, OH 45219

The Christ Hospital Medical Center - LIberty Township*
6939 Cox Rd., Suite 350 | Liberty Township, OH 45069

513-585-3275 | genetics​@thechristhospital.com 

*Available twice per month for cancer and prenatal appointments

Your care team

Our multidisciplinary team of genetic counselors, advanced practice providers and physicians are here to help you understand your genetic risk factors for cancer, plan lifestyle changes to lower your risk and help you live a healthier lifestyle. Our team includes:

Rafiullah Khan, MD

Oncology / Hematology / Internal Medicine
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Tiffany R. Kocher, APRN

Specialized Surgical Services
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Elizabeth M. Lim, PA-C

Specialized Surgical Services
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Jennifer B. Manders, MD

Surgery, General
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Kelly M. McLean, MD

Surgery, General
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Julie L. Specht, MD

Medical Oncology
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