Medication management and pharmacogenomics

​​​​​​​Medication Management and ​Pharmacogenomics

Prescription medications are not “one size fits all.” Because of our genetic differences, a medication might be the perfect treatment for one person – and have no impact on a similar person of the same age, weight, and background.

Pharmacogenomics (PGx) uses information about your DNA to discover how your body processes specific medications. Testing is completed with a simple cheek swab. This can better match you with prescriptions and reduce potential risks for side effects - and possibly reduce the number of medications you take reducing the need for "trial and error prescribing" that can be costly and prolong the process of care.

PGx-certified pharmacists with The Christ Hospital P​recision Health work alongside primary care and specialty physicians within The Christ Hospital Physicians to screen patients taking multiple medications, especially those with chronic health conditions like heart failure or cancer. They work with you and your care team to develop a medication management plan that works for you.

You may benefit from Pharmacogenomics if you:

  • Have been diagnosed with a chronic condition like heart disease or cancer

  • Don’t seem to be responding well to your prescription medications

  • Have had previous side effects from medications

  • Are taking multiple prescription medications daily

  • Are interested in pharmacogenomic testing to be proactive about your healthcare

Medication management is available to patients of The Christ Hospital Physicians, including our primary care and specialty practices. Ask your Christ Hospital provider about Pharmacogenomics, or call 513-579-4357 (513-5RX-HELP) for more information. (Christ Hospital Primary Care, Cardiology,  Orthopedic, and Oncology patients only).

Looking for a new primary care provider so you can participate in our pharmacogenomics program? Click here t​o find a provider with The Christ Hospital Physicians – Primary Care close to you.