Prenatal and Reproductive Genetic Counseling at The Christ Hospital

The Christ Hospital offers genetic counseling for people who are pregnant or considering pregnancy or reproductive options and may be at high risk of having a baby with a birth defect or genetic condition. This type of counseling can help you understand your genetic risks and make decisions that are in line with your values and beliefs. The genetic counselor will talk to you about the option of having genetic testing and help develop a plan for the rest of your pregnancy. 

You do not need a physician referral for genetic counseling or testing. 

Is Prenatal and Reproductive Genetic Counseling right for me? 

Prenatal and reproductive genetic counseling may be helpful for people who are planning a pregnancy, are currently pregnant, or are considering reproductive options and meet one or more of the criteria below: 

  • Are 35 and older 

  • Have a family history of a genetic condition or birth defect 

  • Have a child with a genetic condition or birth defect 

  • Are a carrier of a genetic condition 

  • Have a partner who is a carrier of a genetic condition 

  • Are interested in learning if you or your partner carry a genetic condition 

  • Have a history of 2 or more pregnancy losses or a history of infertility 

  • Received abnormal results from prenatal screening tests, including ultrasound, bloodwork or a genetic screening ordered by your provider 

  • Are considering genetic testing of embryos before they are implanted in the uterus (Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)) 

  • Have concerns about a genetic condition based on your ethnicity  

  • Have concerns about environmental or medication exposures during pregnancy  

  • Share a common ancestor with your partner 

  • Have questions prior to prenatal genetic screening or testing 

What happens at the genetic counseling appointment? 

Prenatal and reproductive genetic counseling take place in the medical office building at The Christ Hospital. You will meet with a board-certified genetic counselor who has advanced training in genetics. The counselor will talk to you about: 

  • Your personal health and pregnancy history  

  • Your family health history  

  • Any risks to your current or future pregnancy, based on your medical history, family history and/or test results obtained during pregnancy 

  • Results of relevant tests performed during your pregnancy 

  • Screening and diagnostic testing options and the benefits or risks of having these tests  

The counselor will talk to you about the option of genetic testing. This conversation may include topics such as: 

  • Which tests can provide information about genetic risks to your baby (screening tests) or provide a diagnosis for your baby during pregnancy (diagnostic tests) 

  • The testing process  

  • The limitations and accuracy of genetic tests 

  • How test results may affect you emotionally, psychologically and socially  

Before your first appointment, we encourage you to collect as much information as you can about your family health history. The counselor will ask you about first-degree relatives (parents, children and siblings) and second-degree relatives (grandparents, aunts and uncles). Be sure to take note of any known diagnoses and how old the relative was when diagnosed. 


What does genetic testing involve? 

During your genetic counseling appointment, the counselor will talk to you about whether genetic testing is right for you. Genetic testing involves obtaining a blood, saliva or tissue sample.  

Genetic testing can include:  

  • Carrier screening, which can tell you whether you or your partner carry certain genetic disorders 

  • Screenings in the first and second trimester of pregnancy to determine the risk for specific genetic conditions in an unborn baby 

  • Non-invasive prenatal testing, which uses a simple blood draw to determine the risk for specific genetic conditions in an unborn baby 

  • Diagnostic tests that may confirm whether your child has a specific genetic condition 

The genetic counselor will contact you by phone or MyChart (depending on your preference) to discuss the results and what they mean. 

Are genetic counseling and testing covered by insurance?

Your insurance may cover genetic counseling and/or genetic testing. Be sure to contact your insurance carrier about your specific coverage. 

For more information or to make an appointment 

For more information about genetic counseling at The Christ Hospital or to schedule an appointment, call 513-585-3275. Or you may schedule your appointment online by selecting one of the options below:  

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