Prenatal and preconception genetic counseling

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Prenatal and Preconception Genetic Counseling at The Christ Hospital

The Christ Hospital Precision Health offers genetic counseling for people who are pregnant or considering pregnancy. We can help you learn more about your family health history and the chances of passing on certain genetic conditions. Our genetic counselors can help you understand your genetic risks and work with you and your doctor to make decisions that are in line with your values and beliefs.

Prenatal & Preconception Genetic Counseling may benefit those who:

  • Are age 35 or older

  • Have a family history of a genetic condition

  • Have had a previous child with a genetic condition

  • Are interested in learning if they carry or can pass on certain genetic conditions

  • Had two or more pregnancy losses or a history of infertility

Genetic Counseling Services at The Christ Hospital

During prenatal and preconception genetic counseling, our genetic counselors will ask about your health history, pregnancy history, and your family’s health history, so we encourage you to collect as much information as you can before your appointment.

Prenatal and reproductive genetic testing can include:

  • Carrier screening, which can tell you whether you or your partner carry or can pass on certain genetic disorders

  • Non-invasive prenatal testing, which can determine the risk for specific genetic conditions in pregnancy

  • Diagnostic tests that may confirm whether your child has a specific genetic condition

For More Information or to Make an Appointment

You do not need a physician referral for genetic counseling and testing.

Click here to learn more​ about genetic counseling and gen​etic testing with The Christ Hospital Precision Health. You can also get more information or schedule an appointment by calling 513-585-3275.Current patients can schedule your appointment online via MyChart: