Virtual Care

at The Christ Hospital

Call it virtual care, telehealth or telemedicine – there are a number of ways to describe how we’re making access to healthcare easier, allowing patients to communicate with providers from the comfort of their own home - specifically through live video and secure messaging. Virtual care is especially helpful for those who: need care for common, everyday conditions; need to travel long distances to see their provider; or require frequent follow-up care. Learn more about our virtual care options at the links below.

African American man on telehealth call with doctor.

Virtual Care Options

24/7 Video Visits

Accessing care for common conditions like colds, coughs and rashes is now easier than ever with 24/7 Video Visits. See a provider through a computer or mobile device, on demand. 24/7 Video Visits are affordable, fast, and no appointment or previous visit with our network is required. 


E-visits are exchanges of secure messages between you and your provider through MyChart or our new patient mobile app. They're available for certain non-urgent primary care, gynecology and dermatology conditions. Many insurance plans now cover e-visits.

Scheduled Video Visits

From chronic care to follow-ups, scheduled video visits with your provider allow you to get the care you need without a trip to the office. To schedule, call the office directly. Some providers also offer video visit scheduling through MyChart or our new patient mobile app. 

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