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Colorectal Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Colorectal cancer is one of the few cancers that are preventable through recommended screenings and lifestyle changes. Join our expert physician panel as they discuss risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options for this common type of cancer. Read More

Posted April 03, 2024 | With Janice Rafferty, MD; Slobodan Stanisic, MD; and Aruna Puthota, DO
Breast Cancer Study Reveals Unsettling Results

New research is showing a year-over-year jump in breast cancer rates in women under the age of 50. And the increase appears centered around a specific type of breast cancer. Medical oncologist Dr. Julie Specht shares what may be behind the trend and how w Read More

Posted April 02, 2024 | With Julie L. Specht, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Hematology & Oncology
Touchy Subject: What Men Need to Know About Testicular Cancer

Screenings for many diseases don’t apply until you’re older, but testicular cancer is one that doesn’t discriminate by age. Medical oncologist Dr. Brian Mannion shares the essential steps for early detection. Read More

Posted March 29, 2024 | With Brian Mannion, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Hematology & Oncology
The Ins and Outs of Colorectcal Cancer Prevention

Hearing the word ‘colonoscopy’ can make some people uneasy – but it shouldn’t! Q102’s Jennifer Fritsch talks with Dr. Janice Rafferty about flushing the colonoscopy dread down the drain. Read More

Posted March 20, 2024 | By Jennifer Fritsch, Q102 radio personality; and Janice Rafferty, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Colon & Rectal Surgery
Colonoscopy Prep Improves As Colorectal Cancer Rates Rise Among Young Adults

Putting off your colonoscopy because of fears of the “prep”? Times have changed! Dr. John Frankel shares new options to get ready for the screening and concerning statistics about colorectal cancer in people under age 50. Read More

Posted March 04, 2024 | With John Frankel, MD, The Christ Hospial Physicians - Colon & Rectal Surgery
Clearing the Air on Lung Cancer Detection and Treatment

Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana outpace the nation in new lung cancer cases and deaths - and many people may not show symptoms until it's in advanced stages. Learn how lung cancer is being caught earlier while it's most treatable. Read More

Posted November 17, 2023 | With Julian Guitron, MD; David Long, MD; and Brian Mannion, MD
The Lung Cancer Screening Saving Tristate Lives

Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana outpace national averages for both new lung cancer cases and deaths. Dr. Julian Guitron explains how a simple 10-second scan for current and former smokers is improving the odds for recovery and survival. Read More

Posted November 13, 2023 | With Julian Guitron, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians
All the Reasons to Quit Smoking

Smoking can hurt you and the people around you. Learn all the reasons to quit, and tools that can help. Read More

Posted November 02, 2023 | By Healthspirations Staff
Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer deaths in Ohio and Kentucky. Learn how a quick, non-invasive screening can increase your odds for survival and other ways to keep your lungs healthy for years to come. Read More

Posted November 01, 2023
A “Breath-Giving” Procedure for COPD and Emphysema

Moderate to severe COPD and emphysema can literally take your breath away. For patients who increasingly rely on external oxygen, a minimally invasive procedure is opening airways and restoring their energy. Read More

Posted October 25, 2023 | With Vishal Jivan, MD, The Christ Hospital Physicians - Pulmonary Medicine
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