Rehabilitation therapy for cancer patients

The Christ Hospital Health Network offers two outpatient rehabilitation programs for our cancer patients – cancer fatigue therapy and lymphedema therapy.

Led by our experts in Physical and Occupational Therapy, these cancer related therapy programs are held at the following convenient locations around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky:

  • Fort Wright (Ky.)

  • Mason 

  • Miami Township

  • Montgomery

  • Mount Auburn (The Christ Hospital Joint & Spine Center)

  • Red Bank

Cancer related fatigue therapy

Cancer related fatigue is the number one symptom reported to physicians and nurses on your cancer team. By letting your doctor or nurse know about your symptoms, they can find ways to help you reduce fatigue, boost energy and improve your quality of life.

Cancer related fatigue:

  • Does not resolve with rest

  • Does not reflect your level of activity

Our licensed physical therapists, trained in cancer fatigue, provide an evaluation and exercise program designed to manage persistent physical tiredness by improving your strength and stamina.

Programs may include aerobics, strength training, balance activities and home exercise. We want you to improve strength and cardiovascular function, body image and tolerance for the activities of daily living.

Call Physical and Occupational Therapy Services at 513-585-3838 to ask how to get started in cancer related fatigue therapy.

Lymphedema therapy

Cancer treatments may cause lymphedema. This is a condition in which the collection of fluid (lymph) causes swelling in the skin of the affected area (s) with or without the existence of pain and/or stiffness. Normally, our lymph system filters this fluid, but without lymph drainage, it can build up in the affected areas.

Our patients with lymphedema can find relief by following a treatment plan suggested by one of our certified lymphedema therapists. Your therapist may use, teach, or recommend a combination of direct lymphatic drainage (gentle manual movement), compression garments and exercise to gently move the lymph fluid.

To learn more, call Physical and Occupational Therapy Services at 513-585-3838.