Miriam I. Freundt, MD
Miriam I. Freundt, MD
Internal Medicine
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    About Miriam I. Freundt, MD

    Miriam Freundt, MD, is a board-certified physician who provides inpatient critical care with The Christ Hospital Physicians – Heart & Vascular.

    According to Dr. Freundt, she doesn’t take a “one size fits all” approach to critical care. “Every patient is different,” she says. “They are mothers, fathers, siblings, children, etc., with their own very specific needs. Seeing patients as the person they are helps to me determine the individual care that’s right for them. She says she is inspired by the commitment from family and friends when a loved one receives critical cardiac treatment. She urges the people she treats to be true to their beliefs and to ask every question possible when determining their treatment options.

    Dr. Freundt earned her medical degree from the University of Regensburg in Germany. She completed fellowships in cardiac surgery at the University of Regensburg and in interventional cardiology at Marienhaus Neustadt in Germany. She completed a residency in internal medicine at St. Joseph Hospital in Denver, CO, and is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

    A proud flautist since the age of five, Dr. Freundt still plays the flute with the World Doctors Orchestra, whose mission is to combine fine music with raising funds to be donated to medical aid projects around the world. She has performed with the orchestra in North and Central America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

    Gender: Female

    Board Certification: Am Bd of Internal Medicine (Internal Medicine)

    Education: Professional Education

    Languages Spoken:

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