Happy diverse couple after heart valve treatment at The Christ Hospital.

​Living with valve disease 

Our mitral valve disease treatment program has people just like you regain their quality of life. See their stories below. 

Minimally-Invasive Heart Surgery Offers Less Pain, Faster Recovery 

​"I went to a cardiologist in May and he said: 'You have a mild mitral leak. I'll see you in three months and we'll do a baseline echo and keep track of it.' But the shortness of breath didn't change," Lynn Maatman says. "When we were talking to the doctor it came out that I would have to sit down and rest after two flights of steps. At that point he encouraged me to get a second opinion."

The Christ Hospital Performs 500th Life-Saving Heart Valve Replacement Treatment

Stephen Gustin had the TAVR procedure performed at The Christ Hospital. Now, at 56-years-old, Stephen stood by his father's side as he went through the same procedure. 85-year-old Charles Gustin had the procedure just a few weeks ago and is already seeing the benefits. Read on to hear more of this father and son duo's story.