Workforce Wellness from The Christ Hospital Health Network

Well-being. Prevention. Wellness. Early detection.  

Employers are playing a larger role in keeping their population healthy with more organizations offering workplace wellness programs than ever before. Wellness is not a difficult concept, but to effectively execute, engage and drive change—this is where many wellness programs fall short. It is imperative to create wellness initiatives that jibe with the company culture and support employees in making healthy decisions. 

Customizing the right programs and initiatives for your employee population is the key to driving employee and member engagement which is the key to better health outcomes and a healthier employee population. Our team takes the time to strategically plan and develop a wellness campaign based on our data collection, your company culture and goals. Connecting employers and their workforce with a platform that drives participation, engagement, and support can establish life-long behavior changes. 

Our team and corresponding programs focus on the health of every company's greatest asset – their employees. By focusing on the six dimensions of health – Emotional, Occupational, Purpose, Physical, Social and Financial, the well-being of your employees is our priority. The results are improved employee engagement, better health outcomes, reduced absenteeism, improved employee satisfaction, talent acquisition and retention, all leading to lower healthcare costs.

A dedicated Medical Director and team of Nurses work together to provide an exceptional experience while engaging employees in their own health. Employers are challenged with the continued escalation of health care costs, but few have a clinical partner that has the expertise to drive engagement and results. Partnering with The Christ Hospital Corporate Health Solutions team provides employers the opportunity to decrease heath care spend while empowering employees to live healthier lived through customized programs all under the guidance of passionate clinicians.

Why Is Wellness With Purpose Important?

Everyone's path to wellness is unique—and so we enable your employees to chart their own course, whether they want to focus on nutrition, fitness, financial, or mental health. We believe that giving people control over their well-being empowers them to do truly great things. As your employees take on new Christ Hospital challenges, they'll start to see that small wins lead to big victories. healthier organization and better business results.


  • Customizable to individual employer objectives –from simple participatory to advanced outcomes-based programming

  • Clinician developed programs designed to improve member health


  • Mobile App and Device Synchronization capabilities

  • Email, Text, and push communications to members to enhance engagement levels

  • On site biometric capabilities including consultation of individual results with a Christ Hospital nurse

  • Health Coaching to support and guide members in their health journey


  • Providing direction while giving members choice is the key to our engagement. We guide, not force members in the right direction.

  • 300+ Healthy University courses to continually educate and challenge members to improve their health

  • 200+ Challenges with extensive content as well as the ability to create custom challenges

Online Personal Wellness Portal

Our portal engages your employees and members by sharing results from a personal health assessment and biometric data resulting in a health score which leads them to actionable items through a personal health journey. Tracking tools, educational links, and videos, personal health challenges and customized challenges engage members assisting them in meeting their personal goals.

Biometric Screenings   

We are proud to offer onsite biometric screenings not only locally, but across the country onsite at your location or offsite!

  • Onsite biometric screenings include:

    • Resting blood pressure.                    

    • Body composition (height, weight, body fat, waist circumference, body mass index).                   

    • Fasting blood work with immediate results for cholesterol, high density lipoprotein, low density lipoprotein, triglycerides and glucose.               

    • Results consultation: Results of the biometric screening will be reviewed by a healthcare professional.

  • Offsite Biometric Screenings
    • Offsite biometric screenings can also be completed at most Lab Corp locations across the country! Members can register for an appointment at a Lab Corp convenient to them. 

Group Aggregate Data Review and Strategic Planning   

A solid strategic plan for improving the health of your organization is built on data. Our platform allows us to collect data through Personal Health Surveys, Screening Events and even integrate Claims Data. Our team, along with our clinicians, review the data and make recommendations that we feel are appropriate and align with the goals of each individual employer.  We also provide an annual strategic plan based on the data gathered the prior year helping you identify programs and services to continuously build your culture of wellness, improve the health of your organization as well as reduce healthcare costs.      

To learn more about our wellness services and how they can help your company, contact Lauren Wilson at