Older man outside with prostate cancer.

​​Prostate Cancer Second Opinion Clinic​

​​​​As with any cancer diagnosis, prostate cancer affects each person differently. No two cases are alike.

At The Christ Hospital Prostate Cancer Collaborative, our dedicated staff of health professionals takes an individual approach to evaluating and treating the most complex cases. Our multidisciplinary team of cancer experts includes urologists, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists with extensive experience in treating the disease. These experts work together to perform a complete review of each patient’s medical record in order to develop a comprehensive, fully-integrated prostate cancer treatment plan that best suits the individual needs of the patient.

Benefits of Visiting the Prostate Second Opinion Clinic

  • Physicians from multiple disciplines including medical oncology, radiation oncology and surgical oncology meet together with patients at one time

  • Experts work together to develop a comprehensive, fully-integrated treatment plan to best treat the most complex cases

  • Doctors from each sub-specialty are familiar with the latest advances in their field

  • Having all three specialists in the room at one time leads to more probing questions and complicated thoughts and ideas

  • Greater continuity of care

How the Second Opinion Clinic Works

  • The Second Opinion Clinic is most appropriate for patients who would benefit from multi-specialty care or who are seeking a second opinion on treatment.

  • The clinics are held the second Monday of each month. Patients may call 513-585-3138 to schedule an appointment for the clinic.

  • Once the patient is scheduled, he will meet with a specially trained nurse and the team of physicians, together in one room, to discuss his diagnosis and the team’s recommend course of treatment. The team will also answer any question the patient may have.

  • After the consultation, our care team will keep the patient’s referring physician informed of any treatment recommendations discussed and will encourage the patient to continue to see his referring physician.​

""With so many treatment options available, it is important for the patient to receive the complete picture of what those options are and choose what is best for him.""
- Brian Mannion, Executive Medical Director, Oncology Services